Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences

What is now called the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences (MNUMS) was founded in 1942 as the Medical Faculty of the Mongolian State University. This marked the beginning of the history of modern medical science and practice in Mongolia.

Professional Volunteer: Meredith Praamsma (USA)


Dr. Meredith Praamsma works at the Department of Environmental Health, School of Public Health, a department of MNUMS. Dr. Praamsma focuses on running trainings and teaching classes on using the lab facilities that are currently available. She is also working with the university to develop distance learning university courses so that people all across Mongolia can receive training in lab work and environmental science without coming to Ulaanbaatar. She as well she helps Mongolians publish their research to the international community by serving as English Editor for the new Central Asian Journal of Medical Sciences.


Professional Volunteers: Paul and Lydia Choi (S. Korea)


Since 2005 Drs. Paul and Lydia Choi have been working at the MNUMS. Their responsibilities included clinical practice time at Yonsei Friendship Hospital (now closed) –

In 2015 MNUMS began the work of starting a practicing medical facility which will work within the structure of MNUMS.  Dr. Paul Choi was asked to serve as the general director of the MNUMS General Hospital. The leadership of MNUMS asked Paul to work together with them to establish a good medical university teaching hospital. Paul serves as a transitional leader and is committed to developing a new training hospital system and to prepare good human resources during the period of transition.

Dr. Lydia Choi was an advisor in the department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  However, in 2015, with funding from Siloam, she was able to set up a new physical therapy room and a clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation in the Medical University. The goal is to train Mongolian colleagues over the next two years to run this new clinic themselves.