HAB NGO Bayankhongor

HAB NGO Bayankhongor

Professional Volunteer: Jeff Spence (USA)


HAB is JCS’ local partner which is does social and community work in the Bayankhonger province.  Several church leaders are members of HAB to pool their resources to better meet the needs of the communities that they serve. HAB provides conducts various trainings for its members throughout the year so that they have better skills and knowledge to do community work.

Jeff Spence is placed as a professional volunteer advisor with HAB.  He helps with annual HAB events like the Kharkhorin prison visit and the Summer Camp and Winter Forum. Also he helps organize the national 1+1+1 Good News gift distribution, which gave 2,500 gifts to children in Bayankhongor in 2015.

Jeff is also helping HAB develop several family sized greenhouses which provide vegetables and an alternative source of income for families.  Greenhouses are an efficient way to lengthen the growing season and manage water loss in a dry climate.

JCS has also worked with HAB to provide economic relief for local herders and animal husbandry training in their area.