Hovd Community

Founded in 2017 by: Marvin Pitman
Current Project Leader: Marvin Pitman
Project Location: Hovd Province Project Staff and Employees: 3

Culture Center

The primary activity carried out by the Center is a homework club. Two teachers offer help for primary school students to enable them to excel in their studies at school. One class targets a small group of children who have been identified by their teachers. This class is 100% subsidized by JCS. Another class is open to any children whose parents wanted to pay the tuition. The tuition rate is set and collected by the teacher. This arrangement allows JCS to encourage not only sustainability, but also individual initiative and local ownership over the project. In the past the Cultural Center provided regular Dombora (Kazakh musical instrument) classes, and hosted a series of 1-month classes for women to learn 4 different traditional Kazakh