Partners & Placements

Long-term and short-term JCS volunteers have been active in different sectors of Mongolian society. JCS manages the personnel and projects that are involved in relief and development work. Besides, there are often requests for professional advisors, trainers or other workers, from various Mongolian organizations and institutions that work in the areas of education, health care, tourism and sports, community and social development etc. JCS seeks to facilitate the continued development of Mongolia by finding such volunteers.

As these partner organizations and institutions provide the volunteers’ visas under their own registration, JCS encourages more volunteers to come to this country and serve Mongolian organizations and professions. These volunteers are not only committed to providing their services freely to the country and people of Mongolia, they also contribute financially to the administration of JCS, and they support the projects and organizations they serve. Below you can read about some of the professional volunteers that have been placed with Mongolian NGO’s, agencies, or other organizations.

Current and past JCS placements and partner organizations:

Agricultural Innovations Development NGO Mongolia Asia Reach NGO
F.A.R.M NGO (Kitchen Garden Project) Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences
Family Blessings NGO Mongolia International University (MIU)
Flourishing Futures NGO Mongolian Theological Education by Extension
Future Calling NGO (UB United) Noble Eagles NGO
HAB NGO Bayankhongor Oyunii Tuv Elementary and Secondary School
Hope Centre Erdenet Palace of Hope NGO under the Bethel Center
Hope Hospice LLC Streams in the Desert Project
Jesus Assembly Erdenet TV10 LLC Bayankhongor
MEA Union Bible Theological College
MECC V.E.T. Net Mongolia NGO
Medical College Gobi-Altai Vision Eye Centre
MINA NGO and Credit and Savings Cooperative World Vision Mongolia
MMC Erdenet / YWAM Bayankhongor