Transformation TRACC – TRaining And Counseling Center for addiction recovery


When I was young, I could not imagine that one day I would help those who are dependent on alcohol. All I was dreaming of at that time was that even if I had to be very poor or have nothing to eat, that would be fine as long as my father would stop getting drunk on vodka all the time. Due to God’s grace, the unimaginable happened and my father became a Christian and stopped drinking. Our whole family was transformed! God also started healing my wounded heart and filling it with a desire to help alcoholics to be set free.

In 2005, when I started to work in JCS, I saw that many men and women who were divorced and lived on the street because of alcohol addiction came to faith in Christ, were freed from their addiction, found a new purpose in life, returned to their families and started contributing to society through their involvement with Celebrate Recovery.

On a hot summer day in the JCS office, a man called Sandag came to see us and shared how his life had changed through CR. His testimony and joy encouraged us very much! Such things often happen; they make me feel grateful that I am part of God’s wonderful work. I want to continue to see people’s lives transformed and their families restored.

Our aim is to share information about addiction and recovery with the public, and also to train people so that they are better equipped to work with recovering alcoholics. We have changed our project name from Celebrate Recovery to one which expresses our vision and goals more clearly. It is now called Transformation TRACC (TRaining And Counseling Center for addiction recovery).

We continue to organize CR Leadership training, Teleios training (equipping lay counselors), Addictive Behavior Counseling training, and seminars about addiction recovery. In addition, we are planning to start an Addiction Counselors Development Program and to organize seminars for the general public about addiction recovery and prevention. In 2015, when we evaluated our activities, we realized that we had to develop a counseling service. So we needed to find a safe and comfortable place for counseling, where help is always available. We are still looking for such a place. If you want to contribute to our counseling program, please go to www.transformationtracc.org for more information, including prayer topics.

Zorigtbaatar’s testimony
My name is Zorigtbaatar. 8 years ago I was a shaman. Although I told people that I would help alcoholics and set them free from their addiction, I was an alcoholic myself!
Because a friend of mine tried to persuade me for over 2 years to join his church’s CR group, and because my life started disintegrating, I swallowed my pride and started attending this group. Soon I came to faith in Christ, stopped being a shaman, got rid of the idols in my house and stopped drinking. I also had to get rid of my sins and find healing for the wound in my heart. Since 2009 I have been serving in CR; I attend the CR project trainings to be equipped for working with recovering alcoholics. It is amazing that I, who was once an alcoholic and a shaman, now work as a Christian counselor in a different organization, lead a CR group and serve as a church leader. My purpose in life is to tell others how there is real freedom for men and women who are in bondage to idols and alcohol.

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