Horizons June/July 2017

From the Acting Executive Director


This edition of Horizons focuses on some of the relief work that JCS has been doing this year. Relief work, for many organizations, is being the hands and feet that bless our neighbors so that their hearts might be prepared to hear Good News. Though relief work is one of the “registered” purposes of JCS, we do not raise funds to do this work. All of the foreign volunteers’ fees go to pay for the administrative work of JCS. Relief work is not budgeted nor does it come out of these fees. The money for it comes from people who have prayed and responded by giving us money, which allows us to do these acts of charity through JCS and our partners.

JCS does not focus on raising funds for relief because our professional volunteers are our main asset to bring relief and development to Mongolia. However, JCS supporters know that there are times when food after a disaster, homes for the homeless, a coat in the cold, is the first helping response, and this requires finances. So out of your prayerful responses, we received money to help fulfill the needs of people whose stories you can read in this edition, and of many more people whose stories have yet to be told.

If you feel called to give, please go to the JCS web page at www.jcsintl.org/give-2 for bank transfer information or contact our finance office (finance@jcsintl.org) or the Executive Director (executive@jcsintl.org) or one of the 15 member body organizations in your own country that are part of JCS. Designate your gift as ‘JCS Mongolia Relief’.

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