Horizons June/July 2018

From Dr. Kwai Lin Stephens, Executive Director, June 2008-June 2018

Transition and Growth: A Farewell Message

On 30 June, I stepped down as Executive Director of JCS, a position I held for the last 10 years. Since day one in this role, I knew there would come a time to leave. As I depart, JCS will experience change and transition under the leadership of our Interim Director, Laura Schlabach. Laura is no stranger to many of us. She has written in “Horizons” and shared about her journey in Mongolia. Please take time to read her story.

Growth is an innate ability God has given to His people, a people called to maturity. Change is often needed for growth. However, though it is natural, it is not painless. If we embrace change that comes with “growing pains,” we will be transformed to maturity in Christ, or Christ-likeness.

Personally, I believe that this change will help all of us in JCS to grow—to grow as a community in trusting God’s invisible hands to move and guide us as we search for the next Executive Director; to grow in praying for one another as we continue pursuing our vision and mission; to grow in maturity as we each trust in God’s wise counsel and not just our human endeavors.

There are many levels of change and sometimes an organization may go through a deeper level of change, such as a change in direction, vision, mission and core values. JCS, however, is not going through such a deep level of change. Our vision, mission, and core values remain very much the same in this transition process. This will continue to bind us together as a unique body of Christ as we thrive to glorify Him, each of us doing our part faithfully.

During the last two years, I have sensed that God is calling me to make a better use of my own skills, gifts, and experience in organizational management in order to empower as well as mentor organizational leaders. This fits well with the JCS strategic directions, as we build capacity in many former JCS projects that are now running independently as national non-governmental organizations (NGO’s). Furthermore, the Boards of these NGO’s need training on good governance. It is my deep concern for JCS that we “finish well” in this aspect of our work.

So, as we go through this transition of moving from an old situation into a new situation, let us stand together, shoulder to shoulder and united in Christ, so that JCS will continue to shine for our Heavenly Father.

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