Horizons Dec2016/Jan2017

The Perfect Gift: A Baby

December is setting in, and the world is preparing to celebrate Christmas. Many are buying gifts for family and friends. Gifts come in different shapes and forms, sizes and prices. Some are common, like candies and chocolates. Some are uniquely for you, like a sweater with your favorite design and color. If you had a choice, what gift would it be?

While some would like nice sweaters or toys, others have much more profound desires. If you experienced hostility, you would delight in love. If you suffered sickness, you would want health. If you were sad, you would long for joy. If you were enslaved, you would want freedom. In turmoil, you desire peace. In darkness, you crave light. Facing death, you want life. Hostility, sickness, sorrow, hopelessness, darkness, chaos, and even death are all part of human existence. Where can we find and how can we deliver the gift of freedom, love, joy, peace, hope, light and life?

Gifts convey the love of the giver. Gifts put smiles on faces and warmth in the hearts of the receivers. More than two thousands year ago, on the first ‘Christmas’, God gave the world a gift to convey His love. The gift was uniquely for the world. It was His Son, a baby named Jesus, the perfect gift. Through that baby, God put love, joy, peace, hope, light and life in our faces and hearts.

Gifts represent the giver. This gift of Jesus, the Son of God, not only represents but actually is God. The baby was called Emmanuel, meaning “God with us.” Jesus is the Prince of Peace, the Light of the world, the Bread of Life. On the first Christmas, Christ was born in a small town on an ordinary night. He was sent from His home in heaven to earth as a gift to restore love, joy and peace.

This Christmas, may we, the children of God with God’s gift in us, be gifts to the world, to share and live out the message of God’s Perfect Gift in baby Jesus; the gift of light and life. May the thought of the first Christmas challenge us and empower our work in Mongolia, so that we can live and walk as gifts to this nation.

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