Horizons Apr/May 2018

From the Executive Director

Mongolia: A Young Nation

In this issue of Horizons, we introduce you to some of the JCS work among children and youth.

Les Ebersole is our Eagle Wings Ice Hockey coach. In his article, he wrote, “I strive to teach a different game… Our players know that we do not cheat, not individually and not as a team. We are teaching our players a higher way.” As a coach, Les is teaching his team that winning does not make you a good person.

Our children’s worker Shino Yada wrote, “I believe that through our activities the children have not only been learning Mongolian grammar and mathematics, but also the joy of encouraging a friend and the joy of being encouraged by a friend.”
I admire our workers with children and youth who patiently grow these young lives so that they embrace a different vision and different values for themselves.

Mongolia is a very young nation; 35% of the total population are under the age of 18. To encourage more child birth, the Parliament amended a law in 2011 entitled “The Medal of the Glorious Mother.” Under this law, awards are given to mothers who have four or more children. According to a local news outlet, in 2016 there were over 210,000 awardees. The forecast is that more babies will be added to the population, and the population is estimated to get younger in the coming years.

With such demographics, JCS and other Mongolian partners must look to include children and youth work in future strategies. For now, JCS is pleased that Mongolia is actively participating in the Global 4/14 Window Movement. The goal of the movement is to lead children between the ages 4 and 14 to “Reach, Rescue, Root, and Release” children into a healthy relationship with their Savior and serve their societies and the world.

David, Samuel, Daniel, Naaman’s servant girl, and others are young heroes of the Bible; they were agents of change for their time. All these stories remind us that children are humble, generous, and courageous. Jesus accepted a little boy’s gift of five loaves and two fishes, then used it to feed thousands (John 6). We must be more like our Lord by accepting whatever children and youth can bring and by encouraging them to use these offerings to their maximum ability.

I believe if we serve children and youth well, we will see many young heroes!

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